Our online learning classes are web-based or web delivered classes, a class taught through the Internet. Online classes are a form of distance learning, in that distance is no longer a factor with The LittleGraduatesSchools and the teacher and the learners needn’t be at the same location for the class to take place. 

Both the teacher and student/s would need just the Internet and their respective laptops, tablets or even smartphones to be able to meet in an online/ virtual classroom. As is evident, this is not a traditional classroom or method of teaching which is available when needed.

The LittleGraduatesSchools offer online Virtual learning for all learners from 2 years to 6 years. Virtual Learning is the answer to all situations affecting learners, parents, teachers and schools at the same time.

The future world soon will turn to online learning in place of contact classes and will be a priority for millions of people across the globe. Have a look at our journey