LittleGraduatesSchools offer a variety of extramural activities and the most loved one is swimming lessons. It is always done in smaller groups and has same benefits and outcome to every learner.  When your child is comfortable in the water and knows how to swim, they’ll start to build a lifetime of memories! Plus enrolling your kid in private swim classes for children gives you the chance to sit back and observe the private swim lessons while a professional instructor works with your child one on one for the most personalized learning experience possible.

However, Experience has shown that students who attend private swimming lessons advance their skills in a faster pace comparing to the ones who attend group swimming lessons.

  • Privateinstructors teach children to be comfortable in the water first. …
  • Private swimclasses for children put your child at the center of attention. …
  • Private swimare offered to encourage and introduce your child to the fun they can have in a pool or at the beach
  • Your childcan learn at your desired time and location.

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest and most convenient way for your child to learn how to swim, it’s time to seriously consider our private swim classes for children. You’ll know your child is in the best hands possible. Plus, you’ll be giving them the unique opportunity to potentially learn faster and better than their peers in group lessons.

Our private swimming facilities are situated in Brooklyn and Centurion branches and are offered every Saturday and Sundays. You need to have a proper schedule and times to attend these classes. It’s fun to swim privately with our well trained and registered swim instructors.